Lighting Way for MSMEs
to a Brighter Future

Providing Seamless
Cash Flow to Businesses

Fast Funding

Don’t wait for days, weeks or months! Upload an invoice and receive the required working capital within 24-72 hours!

Collateral Free

The only thing we require are the unpaid Invoices sitting idle in your organisation

IP Driven AI Decisioning

Our leading-edge AI Technology and ever evolving ML platform make sure that the Invoices are credible

What we doHow it works?


Uploads Invoice to raise the required funds

Lend Partners

Validate the credibility of the Invoices


Bids on the most lucrative Invoice based on the discount offered

Working Capital

Made available to Business within 24 - 72 hours of uploading the Invoice

Who we areAbout Us

We believe that SMEs today can grow at an exponential rate with the help of the latest technology and resources available today, but they face various hurdles due to the issue of delayed payment

We at Lend Partners are here to remove these obstacles and provide the SME’s a smooth journey by harnessing the power of deep learning AI algorithms, Machine Learning and NLP to obtain accurate analysis and also making use of “Invoice Discounting”

In Invoice Discounting we make use of the Invoices as a security to provide working capital required by an SME. The Invoice is discounted by the Vendor and made available online for Investors to invest which fulfills the working capital requirement of the Vendors in a matter of just 24 - 72 hours!

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Are you an Investor ?

Diversify your portfolio by investing into an altogether new asset class

Looking for low risk investments or wanting to earn quick profits in short duration? Nonetheless your predicament, Invoice Discounting is perfectly suited for both the cases!

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Are you an SME ?

Unlock The Power Of Invoices To Obtain Uninterrupted Working Capital

Wanting to cater more and more audiences but facing a cash crunch? Tired of waiting for the payment from Vendors? Fear no more, we have just the right solution for you!

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